School Based Arrangements

School Productions

These arrangements can be used for Mixed Ensembles or Concert Band, or can be used in school productions and performances. If you would like to download these arrangements please contact me. 




Under the Sea

Howard Ashman / Alan Menken

Fl 1/2, Cl 1/2, A Sax, T Sax, Tpt, Trb, Perc, Drs, Voc, Keys 1/2, Ac Guit, Bs Guit, Vln1, Vln 2, Vcl

Part of Your World

Howard Ashman / Alan Menken

Fl, Cl, A Sax, T Sax, Tpt, Trb, Perc, Drs, Voc, Keys, Ac Guit, Bs Guit, Vln 1, Vln 2, Vcl

Be Our Guest

Howard Ashman / Alan Menken

Fl 1/2, Cl, A sax, T sax, Tpt, Trb, Timps, Kit, Perc, Voc, Chor, Acc, Ac Guit, Bs Guit, Vln 1, Vln 2, Vcl


Barry Gibb

Fl, A Sax, Tpt, Pno, Ac Guit (TAB), Bs Guit (TAB), Drums

Greased Lightning

Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey

Fl 1/2, A Sax 1/2, Tpt 1/2, Voc, Chor, Pno, El Guit (TAB), Bs Guit (TAB), Drums 

Classroom based arrangements

These school based arrangements below can be used in a classroom setting or for school based ensemble (choir) settings. School based arrangements are primarily designed to be used in the classroom for mixed ensembles. 

This arrangement was written for GROUP PERFORMANCE outcome for Year 9 students. This was written for the capabilities of the students in the classroom. If you would like the complete arrangement please contact me.

Other arrangements I have done include "Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In" from the musical "HAIR" for SAB vocal ensemble, and "Theme from George of the Jungle" for percussion ensemble. Details below.




Summer of 69

Bryan Adams

Alto Sax, Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Elect. Guit. (TAB), Bass Guit. (TAB), Drums

Blues in D

Jonathan Harvey

Melody 1 in C, Melody 2 in Eb, Piano, Elect Guit, Bass Guit, Drums

Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In

Galt McDermot

3 part mixed voices (Soprano, Alto, Bass), Piano 

George of the Jungle

Sheldon Allman / Stan Worth

Glock, Xylo, Mar, Vibes, Aux Perc, Drumkit, Timps