Playing at Mornington

8 February 2015 Mornington Vic

Jonathan and Bernadette performing at the Leaf and Bean Cafe in MorningtonJonathan and Bernadette performing at the Leaf and Bean Cafe in Mornington

There is a brilliant sunshine pouring through the windows. The fresh ground aroma of coffee wafts through the air. There is a clatter of cutlery and the customers are chatting to each other. Bernadette croons through another lilting jazz standard and the audience warmly clap.

Only a few months previously Bernadette is teaching singing in the bungalow at the back of her house, and dreams of doing a few more gigs. We talk about some opportunities. And her eyes widen. She begins to turn the dream of performing from a pipe dream to one that is achievable.

Following this performance, audio and video recordings were created. Posters were created and publicity was generated online. Bernadette has increased her following and reached out to a new market.

Bernadette discovered in a brief conversation with me that it was only her doubts that were stopping her from performing. That she allowed circumstances to get in the way of her achieving her goals.

What if you discovered that you could let go of the thoughts and opinions you have yourself and that they were the only only things holding you back from achieving your goals? What could you achieve?