One Voice Choir

8 April 2015 Noble Park, Vic

WOBV 2014 127 With One Voice Greater Dandenong welcomes people of all ages, faiths, cultures and backgrounds to join in our rehearsals each week. We are a diverse and friendly bunch and love to get together and sing our hearts out. 

We perform regularly in the community and the word getting around about how great we are! We are always on the hunt for new members, so please come along and try it out. You don’t have to be a good singer, just willing to have a go!

GD MP Interfaith Fest June 2015

No matter what age you are or what language you speak, singing offers opportunities to learn, grow, and express who you are.

The difference that singing makes

The choir rise to their feet, with smiles on their faces. They start with gusto "Somewhere Over The Rainbow..." and the audience is singing along also with smiles as big as their faces. It does not matter the age of the person, the ability or disability, background, gender, religion or financial situation, the audience and the choir sing as one. Such is the power of singing.


"Michael", a quadriplegic,  has been singing with the choir for some months now. He started coming in his wheel chair with his carer. His singing was more resembling open mouth "aaah" hardly forming words with his mouth. But he had this passion for music in his eyes and on his face.

Encouraged by the rest of the choir to participate and sing, speak up and join in, after only a few months, he is now able to form words with his tongue and his mouth. Singing not only is good for the soul, but is also assisting in his rehabilitation. 


"Angela" has been singing with the choir for some years now. She is dealing with depression and has survived being homeless. For "Angela" singing is her time to focus on embracing her own positive energy, making a difference to others by sharing her story with others. Singing for "Angela" allows her to connect with others rather than being alone and separate. 

For more detailed readings about the power of singing, visit Creativity Australia on the web.