Double The Diva

Brigid DeNeefe (voice) & Jonathan Harvey (piano)

Brigid DeNeefe and Jonathan Harvey performing at the Entertainer's Club, April 2015Brigid DeNeefe and Jonathan Harvey performing at the Entertainer's Club, April 2015

Brigid and Jono, "Double the Diva" can take you from Classical to Jazz from Blues to Swing, laughter to tears from one tune to the next. They do love throwing in a lot of comedy with a lot of fun tunes about food, travel, love, etc. but dont think they are doing it on their own - there's also an opportunity to sing-a-long too so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the musical smorgasbord.

Brigid is "the Diva" and a vocal chameleon, having studied classical piano AND classical voice for many years, she has no trouble singing a classical, operatic piece in the morning and then be rocking out in the afternoon - jazz, blues, swing, musical theatre and cabaret, sometimes all in one performance!! Come to think of it . . . that's almost the regular scenario.  Brigid has been nominated for many musical theatre awards and she also includes a bit of film/TV acting in her 'spare' time, if there is any.

Jonathan, is a a master of the keyboard.  Otherwise known as "Jono" or more appropriately "the other Diva" he has been performing with Brigid for over 10 years.  They have been very popular at various Jazz Festivals in Australia, having only 'standing room' available at their sessions.  

"It's Impossible" (Armando Manzanero Canche, Sid Wayne)

"Losing My Mind" (Stephen Sondheim) from "Follies"

"The Girl in 14G" (Scanlan/Tesori)

"The Boy From..." (Stephen Sondheim)

"Art Is Calling For Me" (Victor Herbert)

"Dieter's Prayer" (Amanda McBroom)

"Sara Lee" (Kander and Ebb)