Blog 2015

In these set of blogs I discover the value of music that I contribute to others, and how developing effective teaching practices lead to improved student outcomes. 

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08 Feb 2015

Playing at Mornington

There is a brilliant sunshine pouring through the windows. The fresh ground aroma of coffee wafts through the air. There is a clatter of cutlery and the customers are chatting to each other. Bernadette croons through another lilting jazz standard and the audience warmly clap. »» Read more...

WOBV 2014 127

08 Apr 2015

One Voice Choir

With One Voice Greater Dandenong welcomes people of all ages, faiths, cultures and backgrounds to join in our rehearsals each week. We are a diverse and friendly bunch and love to get together and sing our hearts out. »» Read more...

Jazz Mass Poster

04 Jul 2015

Jazz Mass

I am sitting at the piano on a cold winter's morning in the foothils of the leafy green suburb of Ferntree Gully in Melbourne. The gentle pitter patter of rain is lightly drumming on the tin roof of the church. The congregation is starting to come in and take their seats. There is some nervous anticipation in the room. »» Read more...

Student learning

10 Oct 2015

Effective Practice Techniques

“Emma” starts playing the Prelude. And she is having trouble moving from chord change to the next. She knows that she is stopping and starting but does not know why. Or how to stop it. She starts playing the song. She starts to move from one chord to the next but she stops. I observe her looking at the music, ... »» Read more...

Piano music

09 Nov 2015

Questioning the Practice of Practising

At the end of the lesson I say to "John" to practice song 1, 2, and 3. His task is to play the song through and become more confident and competent in playing the songs both hands together. But the next week, he starts playing, and as the song goes on he starts making a few mistakes and starts from ... »» Read more...